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BikeSafe School Curriculum and Materials

A note about our curriculum:

The University of Miami BikeSafe evidence-based curriculum is comprised of four off-bike lessons to teach bicycle safety skills through interactive simulations, modeling, and creative activities for middle school-aged students. Supplementary materials include student worksheets and parent tip sheets; an optional on-bike lesson plan is also provided, with instructions to organize a bike rodeo and/or bike to school day ride.

By downloading any of the below materials, you agree to BikeSafe's Terms of Use.

BikeSafe P.E. Curriculum for 6th-8th Grades

This .PDF contains everything educators will need to implement the BikeSafe curriculum. Includes teacher's guide, lesson plans, and activity procedures for the 4-day off-bike and optional 5th day on-bike curriculum. Updated…

BikeSafe Curriculum Standards (4th & 5th Grade)

This .PDF should be used by physical education teachers who are implementing the BikeSafe Curriculum with their 4th and 5th grade classes. It provides a list of all physical education…

BikeSafe Curriculum Completion Form

Schools: Please submit this form once the BikeSafe Curriculum has been completed in your school. This allows us to track the reach and effectiveness of the BikeSafe program.

Curriculum Visuals Packet

These slides provide visual complements to the BikeSafe curriculum and can also be used as standalone content. Formerly "BikeSafe Supplemental Slides." Please note that these slides do not constitute the full curriculum, which…

BikeSafe 2017-2018 School Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides schools and counties an overview of the BikeSafe Program and how to implement it.

BikeSafe School Writing Prompts

Reinforce the BikeSafe concepts in your classroom with our writing prompts, designed to increase bicycling knowledge and expand student's thoughts about bicycling, safety, and technology. Updated 08/25/2017

Bike to School Day Flyer

Hosting Bike to School Day at your school? Use this easily editable .PDF file with pre-filled text fields to create a fun invitation for your event.

How To: ABC Quick Pre-Ride Check | Cómo: Chequear su bicicleta antes de montar

Bikes need "regular checkups" to make sure they're in good working order - and you can give your bike a look-over with the "ABC Quick Check" memory trick before every…

How To: Be Visible & Predictable | Cómo: Ser Visible y Predicble

Two of the most important safety concepts when riding a bike are visibility and predictability. Remind your children - or students - how these simple tips can improve rider safety.…