WalkSafe for KiDZ

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KiDZ Crossword Challenge #1

Do you know your crosswalk lingo? Try out your skills with our fun crossword puzzle.

Connect the Dots for KiDZ

Connect the dots to find a familiar crosswalk friend!

Shoe Fitting Tips for Parents and Kids

During back-to-school season and throughout the year, one of the most important purchases on any parent’s shopping list should be a pair of proper fitting shoes for their child. For…

Don’t Wait – Hydrate!

Keeping hydrated is extremely important when playing, walking, or running outdoors in the hot sun. Check out this tip sheet for water consumption guides during warm-weather, outdoor activities.

AOTA: Backpack Fitting

Pack it Light, Wear it Right! Aching backs and shoulders? Tingling arms? Weakened muscles? Stooped posture? Does your child have these symptoms after wearing a heavy school backpack? Parents can…

WalkSafe Interactive Challenge

We've been hard at work developing an interactive safe walking and cycling game:


Look for this game for free on PC and Android devices later this year.

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