WalkSafe: Resources for Parents

Practicing good walking safety is something you and your child (or children) can do at any time, anywhere - even at home. Check out our tip sheets below for activity ideas and guides.

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WalkSafe Crosswalk Essentials

Share a few tips for safe street crossing and walking for leisure with this bilingual (English and Spanish) printable 8.5x11" tip sheet. Ideal for both parents and schools. Updated 05/09/2017

WalkSafe Winter Break Tips

South Florida winters let us walk all year 'round. Here are some of WalkSafe's tips to have a fun - and safe - winter break.

Fact or Fiction?

It's important for kids to be able to tell the difference between walking safety facts from fiction. Try quizzing kids with the five quiz statements on this flyer.

Making the Journey Fun

Playing fun, walking-oriented games on the way to school is a great way to make time go by quick, as well as make the walk more fun. Make sure all players…

Kids Summer Safety

Summer break is a perfect time for kids to have fun - but it's also important be safe when doing so. Parents: Teach your children these easy-to-remember rhyming tips so that…

Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots can be dangerous for pedestrians - use these tips from WalkSafe to help keep you and your family safe.

Were YOU looking? Halloween Safety Flyer (2017)

Are drivers endangering kids in your area? Put up this poster before Halloween to stop distracted and aggressive driving.

Halloween Safety

Halloween is a fun holiday, but it's up to both kids and parents to make it a safe one. Follow these tips with your family to be safe when trick-or-treating…

School Traffic Signs and Signals – English

Two-page flyer featuring pictures and descriptions of the most common traffic signs and signals found in and around school zones.




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