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The University of Miami KiDZ Neuroscience Center is dedicated to reducing the number of children and adolescents that sustain brain and spinal cord injuries.

Our programs provide "safety through the ages" - safety education for each stage of your child's growing years, making physical well-being a fun, daily activity.

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Making neighborhoods better with protected bike lanes

Recreation is an essential part of our well-being, and our neighborhoods are at the heart of this tradition, owing to their singular location: just outside our front door. While every neighborhood is different, the view outside our front door is all too often a conveyor belt of tarmac, designed to move automobiles quickly at the […]

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In Review: Walk to School Day 2017

It has been said – in one way or another – that walking brings joy, whatever the weather. Such could be said about our Walk to School Day this year with Liberty City Elementary, which – in a twist deviating from our usual perimeter walk – was held indoors, after a massive rainstorm doused the […]

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Walk to School Day: It’s a tradition.

In two weeks, we will be gleefully lost in a sea of hundreds of screaming students, joyous to be part of Walk to School Day – or perhaps happy just to be goofing off before class. We were kids ourselves once. While some of our youngest participants may not grasp what the hubbub will be […]

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South Florida Community Shares Their Visions for a Bicycle Friendly Miami

Even though 2017 has been with us for barely three months, we’re already at the region’s peak season for bike riding weather. For our BikeSafe team, this means preparations are underway for Bike to School Day and Florida Bike Month of March. And a special Florida Bike Month it is, with the Florida Department of […]

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Is a concussion treatment on the horizon?

A five-year study will soon begin at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to learn whether a cannabinoid-based pill can reduce brain cell inflammation following a concussive (mTBI) injury. Together with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Dr. Gillian Hotz, director of the KiDZ Neuroscience Center, is heading a team of researchers through the […]

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A parent’s guide to concussion safety for the fall sports season (Miami Herald)

(9/12/16) Pick up a copy of the September 12th Herald – or check out the link below – for a parent’s guide to preventing concussions during the 2016 fall sports season, brought to you from the University of Miami concussion clinic team and UConcussion. “The inherent competitive nature of sports and culture to win at all costs may […]

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2016 UConcussion ATC/AD Workshop; Dr. Hotz awarded President’s Council Community Leadership Award

This Tuesday, the UConcussion program hosted our annual Concussion Workshop for the Certified Athletic Trainers and Athletic Directors of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. This was our 20th anniversary celebrating the initiation of the concussion clinic. The workshop, in conjunction with UHealth Sports Medicine, is held each year for all UConcussion to exchange the latest information […]

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