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Welcome, Joey!

What goes tick, tick, tick? A bicycle’s freewheel. What goes tick, tick, tock? BikeSafe’s latest social media feed. Thanks to our newest undergraduate volunteer, Exercise Physiology major Joey McEvoy, BikeSafe has expanded to the world’s latest social media sensation – TikTok. With this new feed, Joey has brought his unique and fun style of communication […]

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Will COVID Bike Lanes Survive Cities?

Never mind toilet paper, COVID-19 has shown us that people haven’t forgotten about the humble bicycle. They have become the latest elusive product for commuting, recreation, and even business (deliveries, anyone?). Bike shops are out of stock, repairs are unstoppable, and according to Miami’s Coral Way Bicycle Shop, bike parts supplier J&B Importers sold 34,500 […]

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A New Era in Safe Streets

During an uncomfortable and brilliant presentation last year, Shavon Arline-Bradley addressed a room of over 500 Safe Routes to School conventioneers, boldly bringing related racism, discrimination, injustice, segregation, and social isolation to the discussion of transportation and health. No euphemisms. No soft language. The presentation’s title? The Elephant in the Room. Ms. Arline-Bradley, former Director […]

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Why protected bike lane projects (often) fail.

Don’t get us wrong – we love protected bike lanes. But it is difficult for anyone born and raised in an automobile-centric culture to understand what it feels like to commute on two wheels, braving the ever-spotty selection of bicycle facilities in a fearless game of Frogger to get to your destination. This is not […]

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Stop mandating coaster brakes for kids bikes

Let’s take a stand in the name of making bicycle riding easier for kids for National Bike Month: Let’s say “no” to mandated coaster brakes, a.k.a., the “foot brake.” Thanks to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the coaster brake is required on every new youth bicycle (“sidewalk bicycles” in CPSC parlance) sold in […]

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Why we are concerned about Miami’s Critical Mass:

Photo courtesy The Miami Bike Scene

This week’s Twittersphere has been humming with speculation, following rumors that the City of Miami Police Department may considering rescinding support of Critical Mass. Hey @MoralesMiamiPD I’ve ridden #CriticalMass with my then 16 year old daughter and my 70+ year old mother. It’s fun. It’s healthy. The support of @CityofMiami Police is important. @FrancisSuarez https://t.co/J12EKzQnP5 […]

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